The Importance of Search Intent for SEO

When we do things, we must often ask ourselves, why. To some questions, there is a definite answer, but to the questions like why, sometimes the answer is something we might not like. Yet, in a very digital world where information is key and especially how we use it, intent is very important, especially behind a search. 

For example, if someone searches for anything online, we need to know why and what is the intent behind it. We could then use that information to our benefit if it actually benefits us in any way. In industries like digital marketing and SEO, it is really important to know the intent behind a search and here are the reasons why.

Intent Helps Connect and Convert

When a person searches for something and you deal in that something, then you would be the one benefiting from their searches if you can provide them with what they need. For example, if someone needs a Volvo steering wheel replacement part, and you happen to offer one, that would be great. But if they are not looking for an original part or are looking for some aftermarket, custom made ones, but you only deal with genuine replacement parts, then that might not benefit you or the customer. 

Your content would rank higher for genuine parts, but not for general searches like steering wheel or aftermarket steering wheel. You could adjust the content on your site or your inventory to match the intent, or focus on what you are already doing great.

More Traffic With Better Intent Matching

But what if you actually stocked up on both genuine and aftermarket parts, to follow the previous example and someone still searched for something general like a replacement steering wheel. 

Getting to your site, they would see a huge inventory of both genuine and aftermarket steering wheels. If you had customer reviews set up, as well as helpful staff, who would get out of their way to help a customer make the right choice, the customers would stay on your site and even recommend it to others. That leads to the next bit.

The Master of a Field

You are the supreme leader of steering wheel distributors/retailers and everyone will know your name, everyone searching for steering wheels and dealing in them, at least. All jokes aside, when you meet a person’s search, then you become an authority on the subject, and if that happens over multiple terms and even parts/queries/things/everything, your brand becomes better. Everybody knows about Samsung and Apple when it comes to mobile phones, and search has something to do with it.

Types of Keywords

This is important because it helps us to understand the intent behind keywords. There are Navigational, Informational, Commercial and Transactional keywords. Each of those corresponds with an intent. Steering wheel sites is navigational, best steering wheels is commercial, buy steering wheels is transactional, while informational would be the creator of steering wheels.

With all of this information, you should better understand the importance of search intent for SEO. Search intent matters because you can become a better seller and have more traffic, simply because you can match the results of someone’s search to your own content and services/product. There are many sides to search intent so be sure to read more about it if you want to reap the benefits of this knowledge.