Amazing Apps and Tools That Digital Marketers Should Use

Whenever you think that there is a better or easier way to accomplish something, you should check if there is an app for it. Why? Because there is a really good chance there is. Just like an experienced card player knows where to find the best online poker games, an experienced digital marketer has an arsenal of tools for generating quality content. So, if you are a digital marketing novice, looking for ways to be more successful in your ventures, make sure you try some of the tools on this list. 

SEO Site Check Up

A major component of digital marketing is SEO or checking how well a site ranks in the eyes of a search engine. With SEO Site Check Up you will be able to monitor the performance of a specific site as well as the competing websites, which will allow you to organize your digital marketing strategy a bit better. It is important to have a clear overview of the results so this tool or similar tools are a must. 

Quill Engage

To better contextualize your ranking results or simply to track how well a site is performing people typically use Google Analytics. Well, Quill Engage goes a bit further, as it better elaborates on data that you are trying to analyze. So if you want a reliable tool to identify gaps or weaknesses in your digital marketing approach Quill Engage is a way to go.   

Ox Essays

Considering the importance of written content, it would be unwise to only rely on your writing skills to do the job. Blog posts, press releases, tutorials or guides, all of these should have perfect spelling and grammar, but at the same time, they should be unequivocal and easy to digest. Almost every experienced digital marketer relies on tools or apps for text analysis, like Grammarly or Yoast, but you can also use Ox Essays to ensure your written content is spot on. 

Sprout Social

Sharing your content and engaging with your audience is another way to generate positive ranking signals. Make sure your responsiveness is up to the standards and manage all of your social media profiles using Sprout Social. Social media marketing campaigns can be truly impactful, so don’t overlook the possibility to fully utilize them.  


As your SEO campaign progresses you will have multiple links across numerous websites, however, not all of them will be as useful as others. Bitly gives you a clear overview of which links are contributing to the most traffic on your website. Double down your efforts on the places where they truly matter and with impactful approach the audience and conversion rate will grow. 

Apps Geyser

Using apps you can bring your audience together and deliver on what they want. With Apps Geyser generating relevant apps will be a breeze. Well, it won’t be easy always but it will certainly be easier.